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Camp Frozen Chozen

Often called “The week that lasts a lifetime” because of its profound effect on campers and counselors, Camp Frozen Chozen is a free weeklong camp for children that have completed first grade to 17 years old with opportunities for older participants through the Counselor program. Applicants must live in Alaska, have a diagnosed bleeding disorder (or a direct relationship with someone with a diagnosed bleeding disorder like sibling or parent), and be willing to follow all rules and regulations of camp. Not all applicants are necessarily selected to attend camp.

Camp Frozen Chozen is designed to allow children with special medical needs and their siblings the opportunity to experience camping and a variety of other traditional camp activities. Campers benefit from the educational programming regarding living with a bleeding disorder while having access to Alaska’s top bleeding disorder medical professionals.

Camp Frozen Chozen stresses personal independence and community.

Camp Frozen Chozen is a joint venture between the Alaska Hemophilia Association and the Alaska Bleeding Disorder Clinics and is funded through private donations and industry sponsorships.

Contact the Camp Frozen Chozen Director for additional information at:


Annual Education Meeting

The Alaska Annual Bleeding Disorder Education Meeting is the largest education meeting on bleeding disorders in Alaska. It is open to the general public and is primarily targeted to families coping with bleeding disorders. The nearly 100 participates will learn about current and future treatments, role of nutrition and physical therapy, pain control, navigating insurance and Medicaid, hear inspiration and motivational tales, interact with national experts, network with other families and stakeholders in the bleeding disorder community. There is opportunity to engage with community sponsors and ask questions directly to industry representatives.

The Alaska Annual Bleeding Disorder Educational Meeting a single day event and is a joint venture between the Alaska Hemophilia Association and the Alaska Bleeding Disorder Clinics.

The Alaska Annual Bleeding Disorder Educational Meeting is typically held in March. Watch for information in your mailbox or at either the Alaska Hemophilia Association Facebook page or the Alaska Bleeding Disorder Clinics Facebook page.



Alaska Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk

Nothing but fun! This Fall event is free to all participants and is open to the general public. There are numerous activities, snacks, and giveaways.

The Alaska Unite for Bleeding Disorder Walk is the largest fundraiser and participant attended event of the year. Over 150 attendees from the bleeding disorder community and the local community attend this afternoon at the Alaska Zoo. 

The purpose of the Walk is to bring the bleeding disorder community together, provide education on bleeding disorder, continue established mentoring programs, allow access to stakeholders in the Alaska bleeding disorder community, promote awareness, raise funds to promote a better quality of life to all Alaskan bleeding disorder families, and provide local community exposure.


Women's Bleeding Disorder Retreat

Take a weekend and spend it with other women whose lives have been touched by bleeding disorders. Women with bleeding disorders or women that are a caregiver of someone with a bleeding disorder are invited to attend.

The Retreat consists of a series of fun activities, keynote speakers, roundtables, and relaxation to promote networking and education. 

Information about the annual Women’s Bleeding Disorder Retreat will be mailed out and available on both the Alaska Hemophilia Association and the Alaska Bleeding Disorder Clinics Facebook pages. Contact the Program Director at for additional information or a representative at your local Treatment Center.